10 weeks to go

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Re: 10 weeks to go

Post by Cerise »

Meet a wombat! :love2:

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Re: 10 weeks to go

Post by Estrella »

She’s going to lose her mind. They are her favourite animals (plus since she’s under 9 an adult has to go with her so I get to do it too!)

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Re: 10 weeks to go

Post by Loralei »

I Met A Wombat when I was in Oz and it remains one of my life's highlights :love2: S is a lucky girl. I do like giving 'experiences' rather than stuff they don't need, but was a bit stuck this year; you've reminded me that J keeps asking to go to the zoo :idea:

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Re: 10 weeks to go

Post by emma_p »

Meet a wombat and a blow up kayak!! I love love love those gift ideas.

It was just George's birthday and Liv's is Dec so autumn feels like one long gift buying fest. George is weirdly easier than Liv this year because of his Switch. He wants Just Dance 2021 and a pro contoller for christmas. I will have to do some thinking for Liv.

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Re: 10 weeks to go

Post by wendy james »

I mentioned elsewhere that Elvis keeps asking for a puppy, and I read today about one of this years predicted top sellers being some fancy schmancy interactive puppy toy, so I’ve steered her letter writing accordingly and purchased. Sproglette has settled on an easel and some charcoal supplies, which I’ll sort out next payday.

They helped with setting two world records this year and had dropped hints, so I’ve ordered the 2021 book, as well as a football annual and a drawing book.

Like Lora, I’m struggling a bit with not being able to buy things to do! It’s the first year in a while that we haven’t clubbed birthday money together for a family purchase or trip, so Elvis has already bought things she desired with birthday money! Sproglette is easy when we can buy experiences, less so for stuff. I might make up vouchers instead e.g. a theatre trip on a promise rather than an actual ticket. :lol:

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Re: 10 weeks to go

Post by Dandelion »

I love that Sproglette wants coal as part of her Christmas present. :))

It’s F’s birthday next week and after lots of research I have bought her a Lenovo M10 Plus tablet to replace her Kindle Fire. I love the Kindle content for kids but the actual tablet itself is so slow and clunky, and there is an app on there that she is terrified of (National Geographic Mummies :cry: ) and I cannot delete it for love nor money. So a fresh start with a more grown up tablet. She can also use it when the inevitable school closure comes. :george:

I have got her a few bits for Christmas, including a scruff-a-luvs family, Rainbocorns annual, bluetooth headphones and speaker and Dobble.

I find S (who has a convenient birthday of the 21st December) harder to buy for. He will be four. I think a scooter will be on the list. So far he also has bluetooth headphones, a cape, a fireman costume & hose and his first Lego City sets. Graduating from the Duplo!

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Re: 10 weeks to go

Post by Kenickie »

Awww first proper Lego is exciting. I can't wait until mine are old enough for Lego and Sylvanian families.
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