Sunny Wednesday

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Re: Sunny Wednesday

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Wotcha turts,

It’s the return of busy season for me at work and consequently I am up working on a presentation for 9am, and already behind on things I need to do for meetings the rest of the day, let alone the rest of the week. The flat is a tip and I have not had a chance to do any packing yet, or generally prepare for my trip this weekend :panic:

It would be nice to leave the house today or do some exercise but I don’t have much hope. I am back to feeling utterly drained as soon as I close my laptop at the end of the day (if I close it).
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Re: Sunny Wednesday

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Yes, Toast, if you don't fall into one of the categories that makes you eligible for a free one, then you can buy one at most high street pharmacists.

My day is not going as I expected, the project I've been working on is now not going live until January - should have been October. So I've lost all motivation to continue the training notes as they're likely to change anyway now that we have more time for further development on a few bits. I've steamed cleaned the bathroom instead.

Happy new car, sal!
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Re: Sunny Wednesday

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I just booked mine via the Tesco website*, as I hadn't heard anything from my GP surgery and didn't want to wait around for them to work out I was eligible for one and then not to have any supply.

Because I'm over 50 it was still free, even though it was delivered by a supermarket and not a GP/jab clinic. It was extremely efficient, it took literally 30 secs from start to finish.

*other supermarkets and suppliers are available, I just used them because I've done so for the past several years and know exactly how the setup works there.
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