Time For A Change

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Re: Time For A Change

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Yep, you should definitely get holidays back for that, i do condensed Tuesday-Friday (9998) and my leave is broken down into hours instead, so I benefit from every bank holiday Monday (+7 hours) and for any bank holidays that aren’t a Monday (Eg good Friday) I owe +1 or +2 but it generally works out at around a 3/4 day gain in holidays.

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Re: Time For A Change

Post by bramblerose »

My understanding of hols is that if you get the basic 28 days which include bank hols, that's your pot of holiday days so you don't get more days for the Mondays, you just get to take them at a different time.
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Re: Time For A Change

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So I had my contract through in the week, and it’s 203 hours annual hol (29 days using the standard 7 hour day) plus 56 hours (8 days) bank hols. If I have a day off based on my compressed hours, it will use 8.75 hours from the total allowance. That makes much more sense that whatever muddled logic I had in my head, For me I still think Tues-Fri is a better pattern for me because my working pattern would be affected by bank hols less frequently thank if I work Mon-Thurs, but it’s swings and roundabouts.

Anyway! The main reason I came back to the thread was to report that I’ve had a strangely satisfying afternoon dismantling my old relatively unsatisfactory and quite cluttered home computer set up from my dining table, moving all the furniture round and having a dust and polish, installing a gas-assisted monitor amount which was the princely sum of £24, affixing my little TV/monitor and setting up my laptop again. I’m quite happy with the result, which is surprisingly sturdy considering how little table edge that the clamp is managing to cling to. It means I can push the TV back on its swivel when I’m done with work and free up all the table space again, without having to dismantle everything. Also it means I can get the monitor much closer, which my eyes will appreciate.

Now I just need to sort out the rest of that junk (paperwork and stationery) then I’ll be able to have a breather.
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