Car hire across border

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Car hire across border

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Help me please. We are going to Seville for a few nights before going to the Algarve for the rest of our holiday. How easy is it to book a one way car across a border? Also pondering just booking a taxi so need to compare costs, hassle and stress levels.
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Re: Car hire across border

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I'd be amazed if you couldn't with one of the big companies. Mr P has just informed me that you might have to pay extra to cover insurance as he did when he hired a car in France and wanted to pop across to Italy, but that wasn't a one-way thing.
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Re: Car hire across border

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You'd need to pay extra but the big hire places do it.

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Re: Car hire across border

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I don't know about borders specifically, but one way is usually quite a lot more expensive.
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Re: Car hire across border

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If you're going to be on Portuguese motorways make sure you have an easy way of paying the tolls. They're entirely automated, you can't pay with a card like in France.

We hired a car for our road trip in 2019 from Faro to Porto. Same country, obviously, but like others have said, a bit more expensive for one way.

We paid a small amount extra for the little autopay doofer that beeps you through the tolls, with the amount then deducted from whatever card we'd given the hire company. A Spanish car hire company might not automatically offer you one.
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