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Re: Facebook companies

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I've tried Heist but they cut me in half and roll down like every other tights I've ever worn. Snag never have the size/colour combination I want in stock when I look.
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Re: Facebook companies

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I'm sorry you had such a disappointing experience with them Tsu! Even the high waisted ones? I find them so comfy.

Has anyone tried Tincture? I'd like to give them a go on my quest for refillable enviro-friendly cleaning products but bloody hell P&P is expensive.
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Re: Facebook companies

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I got a Kaamila fit bra after seeing it advertised on FB. It came today and is really comfortable and looks quite good as well, I think. I have fallen out with all my normal bras recently, and I really think this is a good substitute. If anyone is interested, I have a cunning trick to get a further 15% off.
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