Bumped another car while parking

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Kenneth Attenborough
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Bumped another car while parking

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I stupidly had a moment's lapse of concentration a few days ago and reversed into another car's bumper while parking and cracked the number plate. I left a note and they have contacted me and said they'll get a quote for getting a new one. If I just pay them directly which seems easier would you want anything in writing to confirm what this was for and if so, what should it say?
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Re: Bumped another car while parking

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How annoying, Ken. I think you’re right it’s probably easiest sorted between the two of you rather than getting insurance companies involved. Some kind of waiver sounds very sensible, I know insurance companies use them when settling claims. I guess asking them to confirm in writing that the payment for the repair of number plate is in exchange for them waiving their rights to any further claim - and couch it in such a way that you’re just keen to cover yourself :breezy:.

Obviously don’t pay for anything until they agree that they waive the right to any further claims.
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