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Re: Overrated

Post by Ella77 »

He’s written some other good posts too :)).

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Re: Overrated

Post by kiwi »

A search in these parts for a veggie breakfast seems to revolve around fucking avocado and sourdough bread. I mean, I like avocado, but for breakfast I want a fry up just like all the other fat blimps. :cry:

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Re: Overrated

Post by Morganna »

Thos who don't like salted caramel should get to Aldi when we get our lives back, and buy some SC truffles. They come in a little hatbox shaped box, and cost about £3. Or maybe even less. They are absolutely the best.

I hate to say it, but I love chocolate and vanilla ice cream together. At least 2 scoops of each, ideally.

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Re: Overrated

Post by Texaco Shirley »

You are (nearly) all mad, I know that bad chocolate ice cream exists but the good stuff is a million times better than vanilla,

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Re: Overrated

Post by Marth »

My younger son can take or leave a chip. SB1 and I do not understand this. Ditto cheese.

I also think dark chocolate is overrated. I've stopped eating it, unless it contains a rich fruit or coffee fondant filling. I am a fan of the Extra Creamy milk chocolate bars.
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Re: Overrated

Post by indigo »

Chocolate ice cream is bloody lovely. What's wrong with you all? :lol:

Banana bread though, can GTF. Even the name of it just sounds so very sad.

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Re: Overrated

Post by Lola »

The only decent chocolate ice cream is the Ben & Jerry’s fudge brownie one.

Derek Nimmo
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Re: Overrated

Post by Derek Nimmo »

Good banana bread is a thing of wonder you heathen, but all ice cream can do one - I'm just not interested.

Both milk and dark chocolate have their places (especially with added salt). White chocolate is an abomination however.

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Re: Overrated

Post by lazzbo »

Love a bit of white chocolate in a cookie. Only in a cookie, though.

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Re: Overrated

Post by smalex »

I really like white chocolate (though can't eat that much, obvs), but I get why it really isn't for everyone.

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Re: Overrated

Post by Tits McGee »

I don’t love cheese. :look: I like it in small quantities, but it can easily feel all dry and claggy to me. Chips and cheese, for example, makes no sense. :ttth:

I’m not a fan of avocado either, unless it’s in freshly made guacamole. Otherwise it’s just slimy nothingness.
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Re: Overrated

Post by olive »

I don’t like banana bread either! Especially if I can smell the bananas. Obvs I’ll choke it down if it’s the only thing on offer though.

White chocolate is also my least favourite of all the chocolates. Again, I think it’s the smell. It’s sort of soapy.

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Re: Overrated

Post by ParisGal »

Avocado is fine, but doesn't really have much taste so I'm surprised anyone can muster up the enthusiasm to be a massive fan / hater. Unless it's wonderful when fresh from the tree? Obviously I've only ever had imported ones.

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Re: Overrated

Post by Squirrel »

I only eat banana bread that I’ve made myself. I have no idea why.

I like white chocolate but I don’t think of it as being chocolate, I’d that makes sense.

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Re: Overrated

Post by smalex »

It kind of isn't in the sense of not having cocoa solids in it. I also think there's two totally different types of white chocolate- the Milky bar type, and the cheap pick and mix white mice/jazzies type. They taste pretty different (I like them both)

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