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Re: Woo

Post by ParisGal »

I've only seen it specifically where people need to get to an underground source of water. Fortunately the drillers apparently usually give you a set price to reach water and they make bank if it turns out to be only 10m underground.

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Re: Woo

Post by SunnyMum »

We had a water diviner over to identify the location of underground springs before we started work on the house. He identified half a dozen or so spots. He marked them on the map of the land. We didn't drill as we weren't looking to use the water, we wanted to avoid it. We just had to believe he was right.
We had been told by an elderly local man that our land was sitting on a lot of water, whereas all the farmers complained that it was "dry". The local man based his theory on the name of the dell where the land is which could be a variation of "se néguer" in provençal dialect, which means "se noyer" = to drown.

A few years ago one of the identified undergroung springs "erupted" and we had a geiser in the middle of a field until we managed to dig and sort out a pipe system to drain the water into a small reservoir. So far 2 more of the springs have surfaced (not as violently as the geiser one).

So, woo or not, I'm glad we didn't build the house or the barn on one of those spots.

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Re: Woo

Post by Zoomer »

I have now met (separately) three people who are into shamanism. All three of them seem to be almost preternaturally nice, grounded and calm.
If I wasn't such a miserable cynical bitch, I might start thinking there's something in this shamanism thing.

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Re: Woo

Post by indigo »

Zoomer wrote:
Sun Aug 02, 2020 9:23 pm
If I wasn't such a miserable cynical bitch, I might start thinking there's something in this shamanism thing.
Why not think there's something in it, then? G'wan, allow the woo in! :witch: :wink:

I'm interested in Duo's mum's white witch business. What sort of thing does she do? Apart from having magpies steal her re-charged crystals? :mrgreen:

I started doing some Donna Eden exercises recently and there's woo-a-plenty there but she is such a self-confessed kook, it's an absolute joy. And interestingly (you know, or not) one of them is something I've been doing for years.

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